We are a management advisory and development consulting firm providing services through six (6) service lines:

  • Financial Management and Investment Advisory Services
  • Risk Management and Assurance Advisory Services
  • Market Solutions and Organizational Development Services
  • Recruitment and Training Management Services
  • Research and Knowledge Management Services
  • Outsourced and Project Management Services
Financial Management and Investment Advisory

Our financial management and investment advisory service line provides strategic and operational advisory services for clients operating in our specialized sectors. Through our partnership and affiliation with other specialist providers, we facilitate suitable funding mechanisms for qualifying clients. The specific services include:

  • Strategic planning and business plan development
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Financial systems development
  • Financial policies and procedures development
  • Management information systems
  • Financial restructuring
  • Business valuation
  • Funding brokerage

Risk and Assurance Advisory Services

Risk and assurance advisory services provides hands on support for businesses in implementation of enterprise-wide risk management system, internal controls review, internal audit, governance, diagnostics  and due diligence reviews. Services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management implementation
  • Internal controls evaluation and implementation
  • Internal audit installation
  • Outsourced Internal audit services

Market Solutions and Organizational Development

Our market solutions and organisational development service line recognizes the significant value adding opportunities that exist at the bottom of the pyramid in the key sectors of education, agriculture, energy, health, water and sanitation among others. The service line supports businesses and organizations with financial and non-financial solutions to be sustainable and increase scale. Through the use of open learning and applied research; responsive business models and organisational capacity development; technology; entrepreneurship; innovation and product development, CDC Consult partners with sponsors and beneficiaries to create significant social and financial impact for businesses and organizations operating at the bottom of the pyramid. Services include:

  • Market led product and service development
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Marketing advisory services
  • General business development services (BDS)
  • Small business association (SBA) development
  • Local economic development (LED)

Research and Knowledge Management

Our research and knowledge management service line applies best practice research methodologies and tools to support our cherished clients achieve their objectives. We focus on corporate institutions, development partners and projects to conduct research and evaluation studies principally in our chosen sectors. The specific services include:

  • Industry and sector studies
  • Baseline studies and surveys
  • Mid-term and end line surveys
  • Evaluation assessment and studies
  • Impact assessments
  • Sector data and benchmark management
  • Implementation of good industry practices

Outsourced and Project Management Services

The outsourced and project management service line is structured to support our cherished clients and partners focus on their core businesses. We provide support for multinationals and projects in the areas of payroll management, accountancy services, company registration, staff management and facilitation of statutory compliance services. The specific services include:

  • Outsourced accounting services
  • Outsourced payroll management services
  • Corporate registration and statutory compliance services
  • Outsourced project management services-contracting and management services

Training and Recruitment Management Services

Our recruitment and training services is structured to provide value adding services to our clients in the key areas of recruitment and training that ensures our client focuses on its core services. The service is delivered in close partnership with our clients to build the necessary ownership and commitment, key elements of effective recruitment and training services. Our open house training is delivered independently or in partnership with other institutions and is in direct response to specific industry gaps and emerging good practice areas. The in-house training is driven by multiple factors including client institution strategy and unsolicited presentations based on general industry challenges. Services include:

  • Recruitment brokerage services
  • Open recruitment services (client request)
  • Orientation and placement services
  • Testing services
  • Reference checks
  • Open house management and technical training
  • In-house management and technical training
  • Training needs assessment and training planning

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