Ewurasi Wilson Derby

Ewurasi Wilson Derby

Business Development Officer/Project Coodinator

Ewurasi is a team member of CDC Consult and the current office assistant for the Western branch of the CDC Group. Where she handles costing, monitoring and evaluation, data collection and its analysis as well as general reports for ongoing projects within the Region and its environs.

She has the ability to work independently or in a coordination role, possess leadership skills, ability to motivate others and work under pressure to meet tight deadlines with special attention to details.

She is a formidable team player who is a self-motivated with strong organizational planning expertise, good inter personal skills and an active hands-on support personnel. At CDC, Ewurasi brings on board her great extensive experience in general office administration & HR related issues for over 7 years.

She provides unlimited support to the team on the Ghana Local Economic Development Program (International Finance Corporation initiatives) which the company is currently implementing for SMEs/MSEMs within the Western Region where she provides of massive on-field support to involved enterprises. She is committed to good customer relation and its retention, staff management and standard entrepreneurship planning to progress business continuity.

Ewurasi also offers assistance to participants and ensures good practice of all the intervention modules and acquired knowledge exposed to them during seminars. She actively participates in research to help enterprises within the geographical area take advantage of the available local resources to develop their various businesses up to international standards. This is to enable them reposition their institutions very well for contracts within the mining sector and the oil and gas chain.

She is a highly motivated individual with the need to achieve. She works at her best when given set of goals to ensure the constant feeling of achievement. Ewurasi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology – Kumasi and is working earnestly to further in her line of job as soon as possible.

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