We are a specialised affiliate firm that provides a range of audit and assurance services.

For over 18 years, the CDC Group has been working with businesses in sectors such as Financial Inclusion, Agribusiness, Hospitality, Health, WASH, Development Initiatives, and Education.

Leveraging the vast experience of our partners in these sectors, CDC&Associates is committed to supporting your business growth and helping you achieve excellence.


To be the preferred national business and assurance firm, serving businesses and organisations in Ghana and the West African Sub Region through value adding interventions.


Our vision is to offer discerning businesses and organisations a professional value adding service through:

  • Continuous search and application of best practices.
  • Developing and deploying the best professional expertise and technology.
  • Adding value to our clients, business, and staff.

Our Business Objectives

  • Support client’s business decision making and compliance with statutory requirements through our outsourced accountancy services.
  • Provide reasonable assurance to our clients on the strength of their internal control framework and compliance levels through our assurance services.
  • Equip clients with professional advice and hands on support to re-organize their organisation either financially or structurally through our business solutions services.
  • Support the knowledge management process of clients through training services.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism: We employ expert techniques and tool in executing assignments.
  • Value For Money: We ensure our clients receive the best beyond the price they pay.
  • Client Centricity: We focus on relationships that create positive experiences for our clients.

CDC&Associates Services

Risk-Based Internal Audit and Assurance Services

We provide independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively. Successful organisations recognize this role because of its positive contribution to the management of risk and the smooth operation of the business to achieve corporate objectives while complying with regulatory requirements.

The specific services we offer include:
  • Design & Installation of Risk Management Function.
  • Risk Management Assessment and Performance Improvement.
  • Business Continuity Evaluation.
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery Assessment.
  • Risk Management Capacity Building for Board, Management and Staff.

Business Resilience & Assurance Services- Enterprise Risk Management

Risk taking is an inherent element and integral part of every business irrespective of its nature, form, or size return on investment are in part the reward for successful risk taking in business. The rapid changes in the business environment adds to the uncertainties business decision makers face both at the strategic and operational levels. However, excessive, and poorly managed risk may mean that a business may fail to achieve its triple -bottom line objectives, which is why businesses are now transitioning from conventional risk management to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach. CDC&Associates supports businesses to proactively and effectively and manage their risks.

The specific services we offer include:
  • Internal Audit Design and Installation.
  • Outsourced Internal Audit.
  • Risk Based Internal Audit Quality Assurance.
  • Risk Based Internal Audit Capacity Development.

Accountancy & Corporate Tax Advisory Services

Our Accountancy and Corporate Tax Advisory Services provide a menu of specialised services to organisations. In partnership with our clients, we take up the non-core accounting and tax advisory functions to enable them focus on core businesses. Leveraging on our relationship with regulatory authorities, our experienced staff provide timely and reliable accountancy services to our clients.

The specific services we offer include:
  • Outsourced Accountancy.
  • Co-Sourcing Accountancy.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Accounting System Installation.
  • Accounting Function Strengthening.
  • Tax Compliance Review and Improvement.

Corporate Governance Assurance Services

Accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsible conduct of affairs of a business are receiving increased attention by stakeholders including shareholders, regulatory authorities, and clients. Some organisations have responded to this demand, others have simply set up the governance structures just to meet regulatory requirements to avoid sanction and therefore are not reaping the significant benefits of a strong governance framework.

For organisations that have set up the governance structures, periodic reviews which will assure those charged with governance of the adequacy and effectiveness of the governance framework are not receiving the due attention required.

The specific services we offer include:
  • Corporate Governance Framework Design and Implementation.
  • Board Performance Evaluation.
  • Corporate Governance Evaluation.
  • Corporate Governance Capacity Development for Board and Executive Management.

Specialized Audit & Assurance Services

As part of our audit and assurance services, we offer specialised services in the following areas:

  • Loan Portfolio Health Assurance (LPHA).
  • Financial Product Performance Review and Improvement.
  • Corporate Financial Fraud & Special Investigations.
  • IT & Systems Risk Assurance.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Compliance & Project Assurance.
  • Inventory Audit & Assurance.

Business Analysis & Performance Improvement Advisory Services

Business strategic focus does not only reflect financial performance goals, but also includes goals relating to customer value and, business operations that drive value to the customer, ultimately to the shareholders, the capabilities of human resources and other corporate assets. These strategic focus areas also define new business opportunities and identify threats that should be mitigated. With disruptions such as innovation, new systems and technologies and market fluctuations of the modern business landscape, businesses are required to be more agile and quickly act upon the opportunities and threats that present themselves.

Executives are concerned with how to integrate strategy, process, technology, and information to increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve profit and shareholder value. The CDC&Associates’ Business Analysis & Performance Improvement Advisory Services support businesses with a wide range of services to achieve their objectives.

The specific services we offer include:
  • Business Analysis & Strategic Plan Development.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Business Process Improvement.
  • Business Performance Diagnostics.
  • Business Process Controls Assurance & Improvements.
  • Corporate Financial Plan Development.