Providing value-added interventions to help our clients achieve their business and organisational development objectives.

CDC Consult Limited has been providing value-adding interventions to various sectors, including Financial Services, Education, Agribusiness, Health, Tourism, WASH, Housing, and Renewable Energy since its establishment in 2003. We work with Multinational, International, and National organizations and businesses, Development Partners, and Non-Governmental organisations.

Our reputation is evidenced by the quality and  repeat business of clients we work with, as well as the well-documented changes that result from our targeted interventions. Additionally, as we serve our clients, we collaborate with reputable international consulting firms and experts from various disciplines.


Our mission is to offer discerning businesses and organisations professional value-adding services

  • Continuous search and application of best practices
  • Development and deployment of the best professional
    expertise and technology
  • Adding value to our clients, business and staff.


To be the preferred Ghanaian indigenous ‘business and organisation advisory firm’, serving businesses and organisations in Ghana and the West African sub-region through value adding interventions.

Our Business Units & Service Offering

Research, Innovations and Knowledge Management (RIKM)

The business and humanitarian environment can be very dynamic. Shifts in economic conditions, demographic changes, new regulations, and changes in technology can all affect the way businesses and humanitarian services are run.

Our Research, Innovations and Knowledge Management business unit applies best practiced research methodologies and tools to support our cherished clients achieve their objectives in the business and humanitarian environment.

This is done through the conduct of qualitative and quantitative research by processing and analysing data obtained through objective-driven data collection instruments.

The specific offering of RIKM include:

  • Baseline, Midterm, and End-Line (BME) Studies.
  • M&E and Impact Assessment.
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Studies.
  • Industry and Sector Studies.
  • Market Research and Feasibility Studies.
  • Advocacy and Humanitarian (A&H) Research.
  • CDC Technical Conference Series (TCS).

Corporate and Organisational Development Services (CODS)

Our Corporate and Organisational Development Services business unit provides a set of focused services to corporate institutions and businesses. The services rendered under this business unit focus on human resource related activities of organisations including capacity building and recruitment.

The specific offering of CODS include:

  • HR Advisory and Change Management.
  • Corporate Training Building Services.
  • Training Manual Development and Design.
  • Open House Management and Technical Training.
  • In-House Training Management.
  • Training Needs Assessment and Training Planning.
  • Recruitment Brokerage Services.
  • Open Recruitment (Client Request).
  • Orientation and Placement Services.
  • Testing Services and Reference Checks.
  • Institutional Audits and Assessments (HR audits, employee satisfaction surveys, capacity needs assessments).

Capital and SME Solutions

Our Capital and SME Solutions services are designed to provide funding and business improvement solutions for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana.

The specific offering of Capital and SME Solutions include:

  • Transaction Advisory Services (supporting SMEs to access funding from our network of funding institutions).
  • SME Solutions (selected business improvement trainings with tools and techniques for business growth and sustainability).