Digital Solutions

Digital transformation has fast become a medium for businesses to improve operations as it aids businesses to perform better, optimise workflows and automate a wide range of tasks.

To aid our clients with relevant digital transformational services, our digital solutions business unit focuses on the utilisation of technology in streamlining and improving on businesses activities.


A powerful, user-friendly learning platform for professionals, business minds and trainers.


A portal which matches jobseekers and employers with jobs and qualified candidates respectively.

Creation Hub

An essential incubation programme that seeks to impact young entrepreneurs.


A learning platform birthed from The CDC Group’s training services. Over the years, The CDC Group has delivered in-person courses that have had a huge impact on businesses operations and sustainability as well as the individual performance of staff of beneficiary clients. Adansonia is another opportunity to attain more mileage in capacity building by breaking the barriers to learning.

A powerful, user-friendly learning platform with the aim of reaching a wider network of learners and trainers across the globe, Adansonia allows users to manoeuvre easily, identify and sign up for tailor-made capacity-building courses. The platform offers live and pre-recorded courses and allows users to select from listed free and paid courses and participate at their own pace.

Adansonia is a powerful, user-friendly learning platform that allows users to manoeuvre easily, identify and sign up for tailor-made capacity building courses. The platform offers live and pre-recorded courses and lists both free and paid courses. Adansonia provides:

  • A wide range of courses covering productivity, managerial, technical/functional, digital transformation, and social and life skills courses for both individuals and corporate institutions.
  • Existing annual packages for corporate institutions


DreamJobsGh is an online recruitment platform or portal which matches jobseekers and employers with jobs and qualified candidates respectively. Looking for a job or finding the right candidates is made easy using our job portal.

At DreamJobsGh, we believe in:

  • Responsible Recruitment: We don’t just hire for employers or find jobs for candidates, we do so responsibly. We believe in undertaking each assignment with integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability.
  • Client Centricity: Our clients’ needs and expectations are the centre of what we do. We focus on achieving and exceeding the expectations of our clients and ensuring that the quality of service rendered is in line with best practice.
  • Partnership and Cooperation: We believe in working as a team and working together with our clients, providing them with hands-on-support and achieving their desired recruitment goals.

Our Services

Whether you are a job seeker searching for a job or an employer searching for the best fit candidate for that job opening, we have a service to suit your needs. Our services include:

  • General recruitment
  • Brokerage
  • Head hunting
  • Testing
  • Orientation
  • Short-term secondment

Roles and Who We Recruit For

DreamJobsGh places candidates looking for part time, contract and permanent roles in various categories of positions and departments including Marketing, Finance, IT, HR, Front and Back-office positions. Individuals looking to undertake internship and volunteer are not left out. Our clientele base is made up of but not limited to clients in the Renewable Energy, Financial Services, Education, Health, Tourism, Agribusiness, Housing and WASH sectors.

The portal is aimed at serving businesses within these sectors as well as providing opportunities for minimum graduate level entry job seekers who wish to work in these sectors.

Creation Hub

The Creation Hub is a six (6) – month incubation programme that seeks to impact young entrepreneurs. The programme provides essential training courses on entrepreneurship for technically skilled youth, start-up businesses, graduate trainees, unemployed graduates and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

The objective of The Creation Hub is to “equip youth and women entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills and mindset to start and grow a successful business”; an area in which CDC Group is well vested.

Rolled out in cohorts, the programme takes participants through three (3) modules:

  • Basic Level: Business Ideation and Concept, Enterprise Finance, Personal Development and Personal Financial Management Skills.
  • Intermediate Level: Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting for Entrepreneurs and Business Pitching.
  • Advanced Level: Business Performance Management, Budgeting and Financial Report Analysis and Interpretation for Decision Making.

The programme is delivered through delivery channels including the use of facilitator-presentations through Adansonia (e-learning platform), in-person seminars, coaching, mentorship and hands-on support that is expected to have long-term benefits for participants and their businesses.