Who We Are

The CDC Group is a leading group of indigenous Ghanaian business firms that believes in serving its discerning clients with value-adding interventions that facilitate the realisation of their respective business and organisational development goals.

Since its establishment in 2003, The CDC Group has successfully implemented value-adding interventions for clients operating in Financial Services, Education, Agribusiness, Health, Tourism, WASH, Housing and Renewable Energy sectors.

We work with Multinational, International and National organisations and businesses; Development partners and Non-Governmental organisations. Our reputation for value adding interventions is demonstrated by the quality of clients we work with, repeat business from our clients as well as the well documented changes experienced by our clients in their organisations and businesses as a result of our targeted interventions.

In serving our clients, we also collaborate with reputable international consulting firms and experts from various disciplines.

Our Corporate Vision

To be the preferred Ghanaian indigenous business and organisation advisory firm, serving businesses and organisations in Ghana and the West African Sub-Region through value-adding interventions.

Our Corporate Mission
Our mission is to offer discerning businesses and organisations a professional value-adding service through:
  • Continuous search and application of best practices
  • Developing and deploying the best professional expertise and technology
  • Adding value to our clients, business and staff.
About Our Identity
Our Core Values

The Group’s guiding principles, which constitute its values, are individually and collectively shared.

Trust and Respect

We endeavour to demonstrate absolute transparency, sincerity, and respect towards our clients, staff, and partners in all our dealings.

Partnership and Cooperation

We consider our clients as partners with whom we collaborate to provide services that meet their changing needs.

Continuous Improvement

We believe that today’s challenges cannot be addressed by solution sets from yesterday. We therefore strive to constantly improve on our offerings.

Attention to Detail

We evaluate every action of ours to ensure that they can stand high-level scrutiny.

Hands-on Support

We partner with our clients to fully implement recommendations that are required to bring about lasting changes in their business and organisational landscape.

Value for Money

We do not undertake any intervention unless we assure ourselves and our clients that the benefits outweigh the costs of the intervention.


As a firm we treat client-related information as privileged and apply the utmost level of professional care in handling them.